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Eventvods offers a spoiler-free environment for esports enthusiasts. We offer information, links, timestamps and other resources to those who’ve missed a match or event. Since esports takes place all over the world, a lot of games are missed due to time zones, school, work, real-life commitments, etc.

We collect information about matchups, such as start and end date, prize pool, casters, hosts, stream links and other useful URLs. For each matchup, we add Twitch and YouTube vods as well as highlights and links to specific matchup statistics.

Previously those who missed something came to our subreddits to catch up on everything spoiler-free. Now we offer a website to offer that even easier, quicker and of higher quality.
Eventvods provides spoiler-free vods of all competitive League of Legends matches worldwide. You might know us from our vods on Reddit - subreddit /r/ loleventvods - where we’ve been covering all major lol esports events since 2012.

We gather info, vods, links, builds, statistics, and highlights of competitive matches on YouTube and Twitch. League of Legends is a free to play online battle arena game with the objective of destroying the enemy base in a 5v5 matchup.
Browse Dota 2 esports vods and highlights of the latest events, easily and spoiler-free. Eventvods provides spoiler-free coverage of on-demand content for all major Dota 2 professional tournaments since 2015. We kicked things off on Reddit (/r/dotavods). This quickly became the most popular destination for all Dota fans to catch up on events and games they missed.

Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Valve Corporation.
All CS:GO vods of all relevant esports tournaments in a spoiler-free environment. Catch up on matches and events your favorite teams play in. You can find tournament information, videos and HLTV links here, just the way you used to on our CS GO vods portal on Reddit, /r/cseventvods.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is an objective-based, multiplayer first-person shooter. Two teams, the terrorists and the counter-terrorists, compete to plant or defuse a bomb in different locations.
Find and watch Overwatch esports vods and highlights for all the latest events, easily and spoiler-free. Rate matches of your favorite teams and keep track of the games you’ve already watched. Eventvods is working on an improved version of /r/ overwatched.

Overwatch is an online first-person shooter multiplayer game published by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.